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Spoke Coats

Spoke Coats



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  • Spoke Coats come in a large variety of colors. Select a color to add to your cart, along with the size of wheel on your bike. You can also mix 2 different colors for your spokes!

  • Please note that if your wheel size if different than the ones listed, you can easily trim to fit.

  • Spoke Coats can be installed in less than an hour without removing your wheels from your bike.

  • Spoke Coats fits all 65cc MX bikes with 12 inch and larger wheels.They will also fit all types of bikes including, Motocross, Woods Bikes, Super Moto, Vintage, and Street Bikes! One set will cover both front and rear wheels.

We stand behind all of our products 100% and strive to give our absolute best to ensure customer satisfaction. Spoke Coats are pre-cut to fit 90% of all bikes. In some applications minimal trimming may be necessary.